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 "After months of being apart, Olena and Maxim were finally reunited. The distance had been unbearable for both of them, but they had managed to stay connected through phone calls and video chats.

As they hugged each other tightly, they could feel the weight of the time they had been apart lifted off their shoulders. It was as if all their worries and concerns had vanished in that moment.

Olena buried her face in Maxim’s chest and breathed in his scent, feeling a sense of comfort and familiarity. Maxim held her close and whispered sweet nothings in her ear, making her heart race.

For a few moments, they lost themselves in each other's embrace, forgetting about the world around them. It was as if they were home, in each other's arms, where they belonged.

Finally, they pulled away from each other, their eyes locked in a gaze that spoke volumes. They didn't need words to convey the depth of their love for each other."



28"x22" Original Artwork with frame 

Mixed media: different types of acrylics, modeling paste, and oil paint on paper. The edges of the painting crafted with flames. The painting is glued to ultra-black mounting board and framed in hand painted metal frame. 

The price is with frame.