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Let it Go

 " Have you ever found yourself burdened by illusions, unpleasant memories, or lingering negative emotions? I can relate to that feeling, as I've encountered it countless times. However, I've discovered that true relief comes from releasing these burdens, much like letting go of a balloon in the air. It's essential to reflect on such situations, draw conclusions, and then simply relax our grip, allowing them to drift away. Embracing this approach can lead to a lighter and more peaceful state of mind, freeing us from the weight of unnecessary baggage. So, let's learn to release those balloons of negativity and find solace in the freedom it brings."


28"x22" Original Artwork with frame 

Mixed media: different types of acrylics, modeling paste, and oil paint on paper. The edges of the painting crafted with flames. The painting is glued to ultra-black mounting board and framed in hand painted metal frame. 

The price is with frame.