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Graceful Turquoise

 "Creating art is not just a hobby or a job for me, but rather a deep-seated passion that drives me forward. Through this painting, I aimed to convey the sense that when one is truly in tune with their passion, they can achieve a sense of weightlessness and liberation that allows them to soar to new heights.

This dancer lives and breathes her art, infusing each movement with all of herbeings. As she dances, it is as if gravity has lost its hold on her, and she soars through the air like a butterfly. For her, every performance is a chance to give her all, to pour her heart and soul into her craft."


28"x22" Original Artwork with frame 

Mixed media: different types of acrylics, modeling paste, and oil paint on paper. The edges of the painting crafted with flames. The painting is glued to ultra-black mounting board and framed in hand painted metal frame. 

The price is with frame. 

 Currently exhibited at North Coastal Art Gallery