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Flames and Flow

 "Behold this masterpiece of art,

Where many elements play their part.

Fire, the passion of the lovers' desire,

Burning bright with an intense fire.

Amidst the flames, a woman stands,

Her dress adorned by gentle water's strands.

The flow of water, a tranquil scene,

Through plants, rocks, and branches, it gleams.

The painting captures nature's duality,

Fire and water, in perfect harmony.

A mesmerizing sight for all to behold,

A story of passion and love untold."


28"x22" Original Artwork with frame 

Mixed media: different types of acrylics, modeling paste, and oil paint on paper. The edges of the painting crafted with flames. The painting is glued to ultra-black mounting board and framed in hand painted metal frame. 

The price is with frame. 

  Currently exhibited at North Coastal Art Gallery